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Company History

Orko began as Orko Developments Inc. in 1975, founded by Bill Orban of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In 2008, Orko Construction was incorporated, and Jeff Johnson, Bill's son-in-law became a co-owner with Bill.

During the first years of Orko Developments' operation, Bill set forth the company's mission statement - "To provide superior client service, and excellence in quality labour and materials" - which to this day continues to be the principle cornerstone of the company.

Since the company's inception, nearly 40 years ago, Orko has successfully become one of Saskatoon's premier home builders and leasehold improvement companies. Working on multi-million dollar projects, we continue to lead the way in construction innovation throughout Saskatoon.

Orko has been a long-standing member of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program, with both Bill and Jeff holding Gold Service Awards for Excellence in warranties and service.